How do you listen? :

How do you listen? (I know—with your ears) Think about it for a moment.

Balaam needed a talking donkey. Both Josephs needed dreams. Moses needed signs. Mary needed an angel. Zechariah needed to be quiet. Thomas needed to touch. Peter needed to be affirmed and forgiven. Paul needed a light show. An amazing part of the love of God is that he will get our attention in some way. He is so faithful and persistent that he came in skin to show Himself to us and still pursues us when we doubt. We won’t get talking donkeys or angels but we can put ourselves in a position to listen. Is alone time what helps you de-clutter your mind and hear God’s voice? Music? Repitition of a verse? Blowing off stress by exercise? I remember as a boy holding my little radio and trying to adjust the antenna to get the baseball game in clearly. I would go through all sorts of contortions, put my ear close to the speaker, and slowly move the dial. Often our minds and hearts are too jumbled to clearly discern the gentle whisper. Find some moments. Let God speak to you.

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